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Monkeys in the House

What does it take to become a Drunk Monkey? Is it mastery over your instrument? Is it the love of all musical genres thrown together in a spicy melange of flavours? Is it the desire to lead an audience in a giant party sing-along? Or is it the ability to quote random movie lines at will? No one knows for sure, but over the years, the one constant has been a committment to musicianship and entertainment. The band has been known to play non-stop, keeping butts on the dancefloor and the drinks flowing.

JASON — Lead Vocals

What happens when you are working the local cover band circuit and are inadvertently discovered by one of the biggest names in music? I’m not sure but that must be really great! (LOL) As a seasoned vocalist with over 30 years experience working with various cover bands all over NJ, Jason has played venues all over the tri-state area. Influenced by singers from Frank Sinatra to David Lee Roth, he’s an avid fan of jazz, and his musical tastes include just about everything but death-metal polkas. Some notable individuals Jason has played with include but are not limited to the following: Cher’s neighbor’s cousin, Rob Zombie’s babysitter’s 10th grade classmate, Madonna’s aunt’s hairstylist’s friend, and many more. As a veteran of the Drunk Monkeys for over 5 years, Jason enjoys the direction of his current band, their eclectic cover choices, and most importantly the professional and personal relationships he has formed with his current band members.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it...”

Drink of choice: Southern Comfort/Rocks, Lime wedge

MICHELLE — Bass & Vocals

Michelle is a mystery… she appeared in New Jersey several years ago, bass in hand, ready to rock. Some say she came from Ohio, other say she was birthed in the Guinness brewery itself. Another mystery is why she would wield an instrument almost as big as she is? Despite this, she fearlessly rocks the bottom end while covering most of the high-end vocal harmonies… no small task! And she is tasked with keeping up with Jason’s dance moves so Pat doesn’t have to be involved. Michelle’s musical background runs the gamut from Classic Rock, 80s pop and the Heaviest of Metals, and has subbed for several local rock acts when they needed some booming bass. Buy her a drink and perhaps she’ll tell you a story about the strippers she has on speed dial…


Drink of choice: Vodka something or other



PAT — Guitar & Vocals

Pat’s distinctive blues-based style of playing, combining elements of rock and jazz, is particularly reminiscent of two of his major influences (Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman), but ultimately is a fusion of his love for all types of music. He started playing guitar at the age seven, inspired by Ace Frehley and Angus Young and influenced by Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton. Playing professionally, songwriting, and recording since his early teens, he has several albums and a movie soundtrack to his credit. Starting out in rock and metal bands, he spent the 90’s on the NYC post-hardcore scene, touring extensively and performing at venues such as the famed CBGB’s and Roseland Ballroom. At the end of the 90’s, he more seriously turned his attention to his jazz and classical studies and he continues to make his living as both a guitar instructor and professional musician. Nominated for Top Guitarist in the Asbury Music Awards, he has also spent time working as a guitarist in both Nashville and New Orleans. Outside of the Drunk Monkeys and the heavy blues band Rauchtones, Pat works with Bob Burger and John Eddie, as well as other area singer songwriters.

Drink of choice: Bourbon

MIKE — Drums & Vocals

Mike is the newest and yet oldest member of the DM crew. He has been on the North/Central Jersey band scene on and off since the early 1990s as a member of Professor Booty and Cross-Eyed Carrie, as well as the original bands DMWT and Global Disrobal. Mike has also hit the skins as a fill-in drummer for several bands, including The Love Pumps and recording artists Holy Hand Grenade. As a child of the MTV Generation, Mike learned to play drums glued to the tube. With a great love for Classic Rock, Prog, Grunge, and Funk, Mike brings a love of many musical styles, a solid groove and the occasional sweet vocal to the mix.

Drink of choice: Scotch. Any Scotch. Scotchy-Scotch-Scotch…